Airports are not only gateways to a region but also need to be seen as industrial nodes with opportunities for import and export related trade.  Airports are therefore ideal locations to cluster businesses that require fast and efficient links elsewhere in the country and throughout the world.  The clustering of businesses leads to synergies and the co-location of support industries can reduce costs throughout the logistics value chain.

Completed Projects


  • An assessment of the future expected macroeconomic contribution of King Shaka International Airport and the Dube Trade Port Master Plan. For the Dube Trade Port Corporation, 2013-4.
  • An assessment of the macroeconomic impact of Cape Town International Airport on the economy of the Western Cape. For ACSA, 2004.
  • Economic cost benefit analysis of the relocation of Durban International Airport. This formed part of an overall PriceWaterhouseCoopers project. For the National Treasury 2003.