Economic Development


StratEcon has been involved in a number of projects that further specific development objectives of countries within Southern Africa.  These objectives are usually policy related and are often aimed at maximising social impacts, such as employment opportunities.  StratEcon is able to tailor its assessment procedures to focus on these specific objectives.

Completed Projects


  • Development of a strategic model for the oil and gas industry. For the Saldanha Bay IDZ and SAOGA, 2018.

  • Development of an economic model to Measure the Ease of Doing Business in the Western Cape. For the Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism, 2016/17/18.

  • Assessment of the Western Cape Maritime Industry. For the Western Cape Government Department of Economic Development and Tourism, 2016-17.

  • Establishing the size and economic contribution of the Cape Town and Western Cape film industry. With Grant Thornton for Wesgro, 2017.

  • External reviewer on the Base line study for Labour Based Works Programmes in Namibia, 2006/7.

  • Consultant to UK Department for International Development – Southern Africa on the economic and financial impact of labour based road rehabilitation in the Northern Province of South Africa, 2000.

  • Consultant to Spier Home Farms to develop a model to assess the economic, social and financial impact of multiple farm development options, 1998.

  • Consultant to HSBC, Biwater and the Development Bank of Southern Africa on the financial sustainability of a privatised water reticulation system in the Greater Nelspruit area, 1997-9.

  • Consultant to the Ministry of Works, Republic of Namibia on the economic aspects of ‘Labour Based Works Programmes’, 1996 - 2001.