Tourism is seen as a growth sector for many economies.  South Africa has become an increasingly popular tourist destination and since tourism is a labour intensive industry it has resulted in the creation of a substantial number of jobs.  StratEcon’s involvement in the tourism sector is not just confined to assessing the macroeconomic impact of tourism but also to developing and aligning strategies for specific programmes within the broader tourism industry.  These strategies are based on an assessment of the strengths and characteristics of different tourism markets and offerings.

Completed Projects


  • Assessment of the new and additional Cape Town Air Routes. With Grant Thornton for Wesgro, 2017.

  • Development of an economic model to determine the economic contribution of a tourism strategy for Cullinan. With Shisaka Development Management Services for the Gauteng Tourism Authority 2013.

  • An assessment of the economic and social impact of attracting the international cruise liner industry to South Africa. In association with Mitchell du Plessis and Associates, for the National Department of Tourism, 2009.

  • Development of a tourism strategy for the Western Cape. For the Western Cape Department of Economic Development, 2003-4.